[EU] 4thDnet - Kisolova - PvE

Port: 9877
Spieler max.: 40
Gamemode: PvE (Standard)



Name: 4thDimension Networking (tm)
Hostname: 4thDimension.de
Port: 9987


[EU] 4thDnet - Kisolova - PvP

Port: 9881
Spieler max.: 40
Gamemode: PvP (Standard)

TeamSpeak 3 Server aktualisiert auf v3.0.6.1

Wir haben den TeamSpeak Server (auf Version aktualisiert.

Neuerungen (Auszug aus dem Original-Changelog):
! fixed broken weblist
- fixed broken queryclient database deletion
+ complaints got some magic to prevent abusing
+ complaints adding/deletion get logged (client logging need to be enabled)
+ bans adding/deletion get logged (client logging need to be enabled)
+ notifychannelgrouplist / notifyservergrouplist added i_group_needed_modify_power, i_group_needed_member_add_power and i_group_needed_member_remove_power  values
+ added permission b_channel_create_modify_with_force_password
+ added permission b_client_is_sticky (sticks a client to current channel)
+ added permission b_client_ignore_sticky (ignores sticky flag)
* Compress command packets to reduce network traffic (voice and filetransfer will not be affected)